March 3, 2020

Paul Warburg, From Church Planting to Launching a New Sustainable E-Commerce Venture

Today’s guest is Paul Warburg who is just getting ready to launch a new e-commerce company, Wendigo that is focused on sourcing sustainable products.

Paul has been starting small businesses since high school. Prior to founding Wendigo, he owned an eBay consignment business, ran a small digital marketing agency, and has been a church planter, founding a small church in his hometown.

Now, he's looking to combine his passions for business and charity by building a business that has sustainability as a natural part of its everyday operations. Paul believes that the best way to tackle the world's problems is to build self-perpetuating movements that combine profit and purpose.

When I interviewed Paul he was just 2 weeks away from launching his new business - in fact the business was planned to go live around the time this episode goes live. So this interview is the first of two- this one is before the launch and then we will check in with him in a few months to see how it is all going.

In this episode we talk about his background and what is driving him to set up a new sustainable e-commerce business, we discuss church planting (seriously this is a thing), we talk about the challenges he has faced so far and his expectations for the future.

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