April 1, 2020

Lauren Bukowski from Hey Tiger, Guilt Free Chocolate with a Mission

As we all buckle down to ride out this Coronavirus pandemic it is more important than ever to remember that there are some amazing businesses doing amazing things in the world.

And as we come out the other side of this pandemic, and we will come out the other side of this, there will be no shortage of issues that will need to be addressed by change-makers just like you.

So I hope that the conversations we have here on the podcast keep you motivated for all of the amazing impacts we can create together because solving the environmental and social issues facing our communities is a team sport and we can achieve great things by working together.

With that having been said, today I am talking with one of these change-makers, Lauren Bukowski who is the Impact Director at Hey Tiger, a social enterprise chocolate company.

Hey Tiger is a premium, handmade, Australian chocolate brand and social enterprise, on a mission to make change in the cocoa industry and partner with the Hunger Project to positively impact cocoa farming communities in Ghana, one chocolate block at a time.

A do-er by nature with a passion for fair, Lauren is drawn to projects and work with meaning.

Lauren has been with Hey Tiger since it started 2017 and she is currently the Impact Director working to make Hey Tiger a gold-standard impact business. Lauren is a new Mom, a nature lover, and is always up for a good laugh or a chat with a friend.

In this episode we talk about the very beginnings of Hey Tiger from the initial idea through to the excitement of the very first sale. It is a good business story to help inspire you during these exceptional times.

Show notes available at www.bluetribe.co/podcast

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