March 17, 2020

Kimberly White, A Good Disruption to Online Media with The Planetary Press

In today’s episode of the Good Business Podcast I am talking with Kimberly White who is the Founder and CEO of The Planetary Press.

The last time I spoke with Kimberley was a little over a year ago after she had just launched The Planetary Press so I thought I would check in to see how it was going, what lessons she has learnt along the way and her hopes for the future.

The Planetary Press is an international news source focused on reporting in sustainability, environmental advocacy, corporate social responsibility, and climate change. They highlight sustainable solutions around the globe that inspire others to make a measurable difference.

In this episode Kimberley and I discuss her background growing up in Alaska and Florida, how she is trying to reshape online media by focussing on good news stories, the challenges she is facing in creating a new online news service, and how she wants to be part of everybody's hope budget - oh and Steve Irwin gets a mention also.

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